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committerSam Spilsbury <>2010-11-09 21:13:21 +0800
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[PATCH] Be a little bit more clever when handing option construction in handleActionEvent.
Previously we would have a static CompAction::Vector which we would resize to lower sizes (so that triggerFooBindings doesn't die) but this causes us to be reconstruction CompOptions all the time which is expensive. Instead just reset the option to make it "dead" (eg keep it in memory for longer) but don't create and recreate them all the time Also copy the active state of a CompAction on copy-construct
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diff --git a/src/action.cpp b/src/action.cpp
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--- a/src/action.cpp
+++ b/src/action.cpp
@@ -648,7 +648,8 @@ PrivateAction::PrivateAction (const PrivateAction& a) :
key (a.key),
button (a.button),
bell (a.bell),
- edgeMask (a.edgeMask)
+ edgeMask (a.edgeMask),
+ active (
memcpy (&priv, &a.priv, sizeof (CompPrivate));