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+To use this, first compile and get mpx working
+Apply patch for gtk-window-decorator, and compile.
+Compile resize2 plugin
+Plugin another mouse, create 2 new masters, reattach the two mice to control the 2 new masters (at the moment, you cannot use master device 0)
+Enable resize2 plugin, disable resize plugin (and probably move as well, as I broke that)
+Restart compiz and gtk-window-decorator (important, as they do not autoupdate the devices yet)
+Resize a window
+Modify rest of compiz to take into consideration multiple pointers (I think this should also fix the virtual core pointer problem)
+Auto-update device lists (although this should be handled inside compiz, not a plugin)
+Add some more error checking (mainly for failure to grab and freeing stuff if it fails)
+Add move plugin functionality
+More things I can't think of right now...