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2007-12-17Seperate string (for mtllib, v, etc) at tabs as well as spacesJoel Bosveld1-32/+40
2007-12-15Don't want to end line on a tab characterJoel Bosveld1-1/+1
2007-12-15Fixed problem, should now load texture filesJoel Bosveld1-15/+9
2007-12-15Removed all free's, as "free(strline);" seems to be causing a lockup.Joel Bosveld1-30/+32
2007-12-15Little bit of cleaning (doesn't yet work - locksup)Joel Bosveld1-450/+347
2007-12-14Added support for MTL files (does not yet work properly)Joel Bosveld1-73/+277
2007-12-11Use dbus argument to specify texture "string:'texture'Joel Bosveld1-19/+63
2007-12-11Fixed textures (still no automatic loading of texture, the file isJoel Bosveld1-2/+22
2007-12-10Added basic texture support (does not yet work...)Joel Bosveld1-12/+96
2007-12-08Now does 3 passes over file. Faces can be defind before the verticesJoel Bosveld1-65/+98
2007-12-07Can now load model files.Joel Bosveld1-0/+302