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2007-12-07Can now load model files.Joel Bosveld4-3/+319
Specify model file using string:'file' string:'/path/to/' Only obj files are allowed, and they must have the list of faces after the list of vertices, normal and texture coords. It does not yet load textures or normals (if they are specified they will be ignored)
2007-11-30Added ability to draw windows inside cube (note this is not ready forJoel Bosveld4-0/+143
use, and will crash compiz if you close window being drawn)
2007-11-24Changed default value of redJoel Bosveld1-1/+1
2007-11-23Oops.Joel Bosveld1-1/+3
Maybe I should test code before I commit/push. Fixed typo, and commented newly added code (as it locks up system)
2007-11-23Fixed bug where points on texture being drawn in wrong order. ProperlyJoel Bosveld2-4/+8
freed some memory after use.
2007-11-22Fixed bug (with object transformations)Joel Bosveld1-2/+3
2007-11-22Fixed delete problem. There is a bug with objects though, theJoel Bosveld2-11/+11
transformations of object only apply to first child, rather than all of them.
2007-11-21Lots of changes. Added a new object heirachy system. Added checks forJoel Bosveld8-205/+452
when we get screen. Deleting doesn't work, and will crash if you try.
2007-11-16Fixed a few things and added the delete functions.Joel Bosveld3-3/+18
2007-11-16Some small changes. Added texture type. One small glitch with textures,Joel Bosveld3-3/+152
is that they are drawn with a green tinge
2007-11-15Changed some code structure, to make it easier to add more additionsJoel Bosveld5-98/+152
later. Possibly some other changes.
2007-11-14Added function to delete objects, and some docsJoel Bosveld4-8/+156
2007-11-14Fixed crash when adding a second objectJoel Bosveld2-12/+15
2007-11-14Added codeJoel Bosveld6-0/+1048
2007-11-14Dummy commitb0le1-0/+0