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authorJoel Bosveld <joel@JOEL-UBUNTU.(none)>2007-11-21 22:04:45 +0900
committerJoel Bosveld <joel@JOEL-UBUNTU.(none)>2007-11-21 22:04:45 +0900
commit95982b91c7c8f8bd0d0368ce762458d58478976e (patch)
tree605b79f38083d0642922f5af98d21de15dba30cc /cubedbus.h
parentf25a503b0d79ec09a922915d51a3817b20f37a1f (diff)
Lots of changes. Added a new object heirachy system. Added checks for
when we get screen. Deleting doesn't work, and will crash if you try.
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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/cubedbus.h b/cubedbus.h
index 4c8fe72..227a214 100644
--- a/cubedbus.h
+++ b/cubedbus.h
@@ -3,21 +3,12 @@
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
-#include "cubedbus-types.h"
#include <compiz-core.h>
typedef struct _CubedbusObject CubedbusObject;
-typedef struct _CubedbusColourObject CubedbusColourObject;
-static bool cubedbusDrawColourObject (CubedbusObject *obj);
-static bool cubedbusDeleteColourObject (CubedbusObject *obj);
-static bool cubedbusModifyColourObject (CubedbusObject *obj, CompOption *option, int nOption);
-static bool cubedbusAddColourObject (CubedbusObject *obj, CompOption *option, int nOption);
static bool cubedbusGenerateDList (CompOption *option, int nOption, GLuint *dList);
+static bool cubedbusAddStdObject (CompOption *option, int nOption, CubedbusObject *head, CompScreen *s, char *name);
/* Struct containing pointer to data struct and pointer to function to draw */
@@ -38,15 +29,14 @@ struct _CubedbusObject
CubedbusObject *prev;
-/* Structs for data for each type */
-struct _CubedbusColourObject
+typedef struct _CubedbusName
-GLuint dList;
-bool order;
-float rotate[4], translate[3], scale[3];
+int n;
+char **string;
+static bool
+cubedbusGetName(char *name, CubedbusName *storage);