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@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@
- <option name="num_snowflakes" type="int">
+ <option name="num_objects" type="int">
<_short>Number Of Snowflakes</_short>
<_long>Number of snowflakes</_long>
- <option name="snow_size" type="float">
+ <option name="object_size" type="float">
<_short>Size Of Snowflakes</_short>
<_long>Size of snowflakes</_long>
@@ -29,14 +29,14 @@
- <option name="snow_speed" type="int">
+ <option name="object_speed" type="int">
<_short>Snow Speed</_short>
<_long>Speed of falling snow</_long>
- <option name="snow_update_delay" type="int">
+ <option name="object_update_delay" type="int">
<_short>Update Delay</_short>
<_long>Delay (in ms) between screen updates. Decreasing this value may make snow fall more smoothly, but will also increase CPU usage.</_long>
@@ -57,17 +57,17 @@
- <option name="snow_over_windows" type="bool">
+ <option name="object_over_windows" type="bool">
<_short>Snow Over Windows</_short>
<_long>Snow is drawn above windows</_long>
- <option name="snow_rotation" type="bool">
+ <option name="object_rotation" type="bool">
<_short>Rotate Flakes</_short>
<_long>Flakes rotate if checked.</_long>
- <option name="snow_direction" type="int">
+ <option name="object_direction" type="int">
<_short>Snow Direction</_short>
<_long>Select snow flake movement direction</_long>
@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
- <option name="snow_textures" type="list">
+ <option name="object_textures" type="list">
<_short>Snow Textures</_short>
<_long>Snow textures</_long>