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2007-01-07Accounted for changes to berylsettings python extension in r2434.natural1-17/+11
2007-01-01Added tip of the day dialog, application key configuration dialog.natural1-2/+3
Removed basedir references in preference to KStandardDirs configuration. Moved to Other small fixes and enhancements.
2006-12-31Cleaned up attributed list view items.natural1-101/+84
2006-12-31Added setting-editor-widgets-dirty-so-prompt before exit check.natural1-1/+4
Cleaned up the queryClose handling, too.
2006-12-31Support for a nifty "about beryl" and "about plugin" page. Again,natural1-6/+13
kcontrol is the example. Adding png versions of each svg; KHTML won't display svg icons. Also including a script to convert from svg to png.
2006-12-30Sync plugin lists on view mode change.natural1-9/+124
More docstrings.
2006-12-29Honor icon size in category view.natural1-7/+25
2006-12-29Added setting type icons, category icons.natural1-5/+5
More cleanup and docstrings.
2006-12-29Added changed signal to bell binding checkbox.natural1-9/+44
Made category view sort like beryl-settings; now places plugins in the 'Unknown Category' at top of list and not as children of other items. Removed unused signals and slots; sorted Signals and Slots class members.
2006-12-29Added support for key-grabbing button to key binding widgets.natural1-1/+5
Limited search results to active plugins only.
2006-12-28Support for plugin categories.natural1-146/+203
Fixed scroll view layouts. Many other bug fixes and enhancements.
2006-12-25Added (copies of) missing beryl-settings icon svgs.natural1-0/+6
Added catetories column to plugin dialog. Added bell binding to setting widgets. Finally enabled binding setting value() functions -- now saves!
2006-12-24Updates for most recent berylsettings.pyx.natural1-2/+2
Added setting widget for strings with fewer than 5 restrictions; uses radio buttons instead of a list box. Added profile menus to (not yet functional). Changed color setting widgets; they now work! Other minor fixes and changes. Enabled "Defaults" and "Reset" buttons.
2006-12-19Support for basic setting saves. Other refactorings and fixes.natural1-4/+4
2006-12-17Implemented search -- search for plugin settings by keyword.natural1-114/+169
Refactored views and content frames. Many docstrings.
2006-12-16Added LICENCE file.natural1-3/+6
Removed TODO -- don't really need to see what's on my plate. Added for selecting plugins. Updated and to reflect. Tweaked plugin.html -- still needs much work. Added Signals.okClicked and Signals.activated to
2006-12-15racarr: Add Troy Mellhase's kberylsettings manager to branchesracarr1-0/+296