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2006-12-31Support for a nifty "about beryl" and "about plugin" page. Again,natural40-0/+5
kcontrol is the example. Adding png versions of each svg; KHTML won't display svg icons. Also including a script to convert from svg to png.
2006-12-25Added (copies of) missing beryl-settings icon svgs.natural3-0/+661
Added catetories column to plugin dialog. Added bell binding to setting widgets. Finally enabled binding setting value() functions -- now saves!
2006-12-23Added popup balloons for setting.LongDesc.natural1-0/+0
Initial add of (gimped) kberylsettings.png. Fixed no-save-settings-on-quit-action bug. Tweaks to
2006-12-20Added systray icon support, and blue version of beryl settings svg icon for it.natural4-839/+251
Fixed actions and action highlighting. Removed pixmap/Makefile/*. Need to make symlinks sometime soon. Other fixes as well.
2006-12-15racarr: Add Troy Mellhase's kberylsettings manager to branchesracarr39-0/+14494