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2007-01-10Support for profile set.natural2-31/+26
2007-01-07Implemented profile import/export. Yay!natural1-1/+4
2007-01-07Accounted for changes to berylsettings python extension in r2434.natural7-90/+125
2007-01-01Change to KShortcutDialog handling to pickup keypad key presses.natural1-4/+4
2007-01-01Added tip of the day dialog, application key configuration dialog.natural8-47/+99
2006-12-31Cleaned up attributed list view items.natural1-101/+84
2006-12-31Added setting-editor-widgets-dirty-so-prompt before exit check.natural3-27/+32
2006-12-31Support for a nifty "about beryl" and "about plugin" page. Again,natural49-97/+273
2006-12-30Added numbered profile selections.natural4-38/+226
2006-12-30Sync plugin lists on view mode change.natural2-9/+125
2006-12-29Honor icon size in category view.natural2-10/+28
2006-12-29Now handles _ plugin and active_plugin setting with a group box and label.natural2-38/+70
2006-12-29Added setting type icons, category icons.natural6-109/+159
2006-12-29Added changed signal to bell binding checkbox.natural3-35/+68
2006-12-29Added support for key-grabbing button to key binding widgets.natural3-22/+56
2006-12-28Support for plugin categories.natural7-334/+721
2006-12-25Added (copies of) missing beryl-settings icon svgs.natural7-34/+769
2006-12-24Updates for most recent berylsettings.pyx.natural8-105/+244
2006-12-23Added popup balloons for setting.LongDesc.natural4-86/+83
2006-12-23Updated setting widget construction and splitter handling.natural5-159/+395
2006-12-20Reworked setting widgets.natural6-213/+348
2006-12-20Added systray icon support, and blue version of beryl settings svg icon for it.natural10-923/+394
2006-12-19Support for basic setting saves. Other refactorings and fixes.natural8-192/+488
2006-12-17Implemented search -- search for plugin settings by keyword.natural10-344/+804
2006-12-16Added LICENCE file.natural5-10/+129
2006-12-15racarr: Add Troy Mellhase's kberylsettings manager to branchesracarr51-0/+15919