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Updates for most recent berylsettings.pyx.
Added setting widget for strings with fewer than 5 restrictions; uses radio buttons instead of a list box. Added profile menus to (not yet functional). Changed color setting widgets; they now work! Other minor fixes and changes. Enabled "Defaults" and "Reset" buttons.
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diff --git a/kberylsettings/ b/kberylsettings/
index 5eacb2c..be043dd 100644
--- a/kberylsettings/
+++ b/kberylsettings/
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ and search view.
from re import sub
from qt import QLabel, QListViewItem
-from kdecore import i18n
+from kdecore import KIcon, i18n
from kberylsettings.beryl import Setting
from kberylsettings.lib import Signals, icon, iconLoader
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ class SearchView(Frame):
if item is None:
value = (plugin, None)
item = cache[plugin] = ValueListViewItem(parent, desc, value)
- item.setPixmap(0, plugin.icon(16, self.loader))
+ item.setPixmap(0, plugin.icon(KIcon.SizeSmall, self.loader))
if setting:
desc = setting.ShortDesc
sub = cache.get((plugin, setting))