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Added systray icon support, and blue version of beryl settings svg icon for it.
Fixed actions and action highlighting. Removed pixmap/Makefile/*. Need to make symlinks sometime soon. Other fixes as well.
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" kberylsettings.plugindialog -> defines a dialog box for selecting plugins.
+Tried to use KActionSelector instead of KListView, but it didn't make
+much sense.
-from qt import QCheckListItem, QLabel
from kdecore import i18n
from kdeui import KDialogBase, KListView, KMessageBox
+from qt import QCheckListItem, QLabel
from kberylsettings.lib import Signals, iconLoader
-### try to use KActionSelector
class PluginList(KListView):
""" PluginList -> list view for the select plugins dialog