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2006-11-20beryl-manager: icon from wedderburncyberorg1-179/+61
2006-11-11beryl-manager: Icon stuff, starts following ↵test-tools3-1/+210 The 22x22 icon is taken #675, the .svg icon from Artwork on Wiki. Todo: figure out, what icon size the systray wants...
2006-10-31Fixes for make dist-check:reggaemanu1-1/+7
- fix errors with version - fix makefile for all pixmap dirs - add missing headers - add all missing po/ChangeLog files (still have to be populated) - remove default install in /usr - some others little fixes (still two problems : one with mesa, and one with 'make uninstall' for emerald-themes)'s: Changed first line according to conventions, see info automaketest-tools1-0/+1
2006-10-02* New icons for beryl-manager by wedderburnixce5-0/+2