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2008-10-20Use XWMHints structure provided by core.Danny Baumann1-10/+2
2008-10-08Revert "Added option for hiding Utility windows from taskbar."Danny Baumann1-50/+25
2008-10-06Added option for hiding Utility windows from taskbar.Danny Baumann1-25/+50
2008-09-13Only restore old window type and state if window is not already destroyed.Danny Baumann1-8/+11
2008-06-10Added an option for converting urgency to demands_attention state.Danny Baumann1-0/+40
2008-03-17Core now recalculates window type and actions on state changes.Danny Baumann1-4/+0
2008-02-19Don't access already free'd memory.Danny Baumann1-1/+2
2008-01-21Make sure the fullscreen workaround is only applied to windows which are eith...Danny Baumann1-4/+8
2008-01-16Added a fix for the not updating screen contents problem under XGL with recen...Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+17
2008-01-15Free the right thing.Dennis Kasprzyk1-1/+3
2008-01-07Restructure fullscreen window list code.Danny Baumann1-52/+62
2008-01-06Fix potential memleak.Danny Baumann1-0/+5
2008-01-06Cleanup, coding style.Danny Baumann1-52/+61
2008-01-06Fix flash fullscreen windows by tracking the windows we fullscreened.drago011-3/+80
2007-10-24Added a fix for broken glProgramEnvParameter4f under AIGLX with indirect rend...Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+79
2007-10-19Use real window type for comparison rather than the one set before.Danny Baumann1-4/+4
2007-10-16Added menu fix.Danny Baumann1-0/+12
2007-10-05We should remove the fullscreen flag while core processes a ConfigureRequest ...Danny Baumann1-0/+23
2007-10-04We should never set the fullscreen state to desktop windows as this will brea...Danny Baumann1-18/+24
2007-10-03Do workarounds on map.Danny Baumann1-22/+16
2007-09-21w->wmType may be different from the window type retrieved by getWindowType.Danny Baumann1-14/+22
2007-09-17Firefox 3 has "Popup" as menu class name.Danny Baumann1-5/+8
2007-09-14Add fullscreen as allowed action for windows that actually _are_ fullscreen a...Danny Baumann1-1/+29
2007-09-12Don't always overwrite wmType.Danny Baumann1-1/+1
2007-09-11Check firefox menu class name case insensitive.Danny Baumann1-1/+1
2007-09-07Track core changes.Danny Baumann1-6/+8
2007-09-01Fix recognition of Firefox windows.Danny Baumann1-6/+15
2007-08-30Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Baumann1-1/+1
2007-08-30Track core changes.Danny Baumann1-26/+43
2007-08-30Whitespace.Dennis Kasprzyk1-1/+1
2007-08-30Remove sticky flag in finiWindow only with setWindowState.Dennis Kasprzyk1-1/+3
2007-08-29Don't handle InputOnly windows.Danny Baumann1-0/+1
2007-08-29Fixed legacy fullscreen support.Danny Baumann1-39/+110
2007-08-15Added return value check on findWindowAtDisplay().Roland Baer1-1/+3
2007-08-07Removed normal sticky match. It's in winrules already.Dennis Kasprzyk1-4/+0
2007-08-07Added handling of "on all desktops" windows as sticky.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+124
2007-08-07Fix whitespace.Andrew Riedi1-38/+38
2007-08-05Fix whitespace.Andrew1-2/+2
2007-08-02Merge workaroundsDoLegacyFullscreen() into workaroundsDoFixes().Andrew Riedi1-34/+22
2007-08-02Make workaroundsDoFixes() stand alone.Andrew Riedi1-4/+12
2007-07-31Only apply KDE menu fix to override_redirect windows.Danny Baumann1-2/+5
2007-07-30Remove trailing whitespace.Danny Baumann1-6/+6
2007-07-30BCOP does the metadata handling.Danny Baumann1-19/+1
2007-07-29windowAddNotify -> initWindow. Remove getWindowUserTime.Erkin Bahceci1-17/+6
2007-07-28Cleanup.Danny Baumann1-40/+1
2007-07-28Added Qt window fix (taken from animation plugin).Danny Baumann1-0/+72
2007-07-26Add the Java fix.Andrew Riedi1-0/+21
2007-07-26Simplify code.Andrew Riedi1-16/+7
2007-07-26Add recalcWindowType() after the series of fixes.Andrew Riedi1-3/+5
2007-07-25Add string.h include and fix up Riedi1-5/+7