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<_long>Force synchronization between X and GLX, which may help for window parts not redrawing correctly when using Nvidia drivers, but also may decrease performance.</_long>
+ <option type="bool" name="no_wait_for_video_sync">
+ <_short>Don't wait for video sync</_short>
+ <_long>Don't wait for the next video sync time to redraw</_long>
+ <default>false</default>
+ </option>
+ <option type="bool" name="force_swap_buffers">
+ <_short>Force full screen redraws (buffer swap) on repaint</_short>
+ <_long>Forces the entire screen to redraw every repaint. Use with care, this will cause a massive increase in GPU and CPU usage</_long>
+ <default>false</default>
+ </option>
<_short>Window stickyness</_short>
<option type="bool" name="sticky_alldesktops">