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2010-09-28Don't require composite since opengl already does.Scott Moreau1-1/+0
2010-07-08Load after decor plugin to prevent windows from shifting by decoration size a...Scott Moreau1-0/+1
2010-04-11Ensure loading after required pluginsSam Spilsbury1-4/+8
2009-02-27Added OpenGL and Composite dependencies on XMLEduardo Gurgel Pinho1-0/+6
2009-02-21Working cascade tilerSam Spilsbury1-1/+1
2009-02-21Initial c++ port. It compiles, probably doesn't workSam Spilsbury1-29/+65
2007-08-22Tile vertically and horizontally are keys, too.Danny Baumann1-2/+2
2007-08-20New action systemDennis Kasprzyk1-24/+8
2007-07-06Indention fix.Danny Baumann1-146/+146
2007-06-29Dummy commit.Danny Baumann1-0/+1
2007-06-28xml->xml.inDennis Kasprzyk1-0/+149