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<_long>This will create mipmaps which improve overall texture appearence, and reduce jagged edges.</_long>
- <option name="disable_culling" type="bool">
- <_short>Draw Window Backsides</_short>
- <_long>Enables the drawing of the backside of windows.</_long>
- <default>true</default>
- </option>
- <option name="disable_caps" type="bool">
- <_short>Disable Caps for Inside Cube</_short>
- <_long>Disables the drawing of the cube caps when the inside cube mode is set.</_long>
- <default>true</default>
- </option>
<option name="manual_only" type="bool">
<_short>3D Only On Mouse Rotate</_short>
<_long>Initiates the 3D display only if rotate is mouse driven. (Ex. You rotate the cube via the mouse)</_long>