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2010-10-240.9.2 icons refreshSam Spilsbury152-216/+6447
2010-07-04Icon refresh for tango icon setSam Spilsbury151-50526/+52785
2010-05-06Added 0.9.0's copytex plugin iconSam Spilsbury1-0/+987
2010-05-05Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Spilsbury3-0/+0
2010-05-05Add icons for new plugins in the 0.9.x seriesSam Spilsbury10-0/+12425
2010-04-02Rename icons to reflect plugin changes.Scott Moreau3-0/+0
2009-08-29Fix decoration plugin iconSam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2009-02-24Revert "Remove zoom plugin icon"Patrick Niklaus1-0/+1329
2009-02-24Added new plugin iconsPatrick Niklaus2-0/+1913
2008-12-19Remove zoom plugin iconPatrick Niklaus1-1329/+0
2008-10-06Right, plane was also removed.Patrick Niklaus1-639/+0
2008-10-06Remove obsolete icons.Patrick Niklaus3-1355/+0
2008-09-01Added icon for animation addon plugin.Patrick Niklaus1-0/+276
2008-07-31Added icon for obs, removed icon for bs.Patrick Niklaus1-16/+86
2008-06-19Added new icon for plugin stackswitchPatrick Niklaus1-0/+1050
2008-06-08Added icon for static switcherPatrick Niklaus1-0/+608
2008-05-22Added bicubic filtering iconPatrick Niklaus1-0/+247
2008-05-12Added new cubeaddon icon, removed cubereflex and cubecapsPatrick Niklaus3-601/+460
2008-05-10New 32x32 category iconsPatrick Niklaus13-2802/+3234
2008-04-26Removed dummy and added new icon for 24x24Patrick Niklaus2-0/+0
2008-03-25Yay! Sharp plugin icons.Patrick Niklaus86-19021/+21235
2008-03-10Improved look of edge and button selectorPatrick Niklaus2-0/+0
2008-03-07Update to showmouse iconPatrick Niklaus1-45/+114
2008-03-01Updated extra category iconPatrick Niklaus2-127/+79
2008-03-01Update to debug plugin iconPatrick Niklaus1-144/+145
2008-02-24Added 32x32 icon and SVGs for small sizesPatrick Niklaus4-0/+790
2008-02-16Added icon for session management. Thanks to AmaranthPatrick Niklaus1-0/+668
2008-02-16Updated decoration icon, mostely just snapping to the gridPatrick Niklaus1-42/+47
2008-02-16Added icon for mousepoll pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+342
2008-02-16Added icon for maximumize pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+663
2008-02-16Added icon for shelf pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+609
2008-02-16Added icon for loginout pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+327
2008-02-16Added icon for showmouse pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+317
2008-02-16Updated icons: snapped to gridPatrick Niklaus22-4058/+2119
2008-02-16New icon for ring switcherPatrick Niklaus1-1003/+427
2008-02-16Updated thumbnail iconPatrick Niklaus1-124/+146
2008-02-16Updated plane and expo iconPatrick Niklaus2-918/+923
2008-02-16Updated vpswitch iconPatrick Niklaus1-204/+140
2008-02-16Updated cube related icons: snapped outlines to the girdPatrick Niklaus7-416/+735
2008-02-16New icon for fadedesktop pluginPatrick Niklaus1-417/+346
2008-02-16New icon for showdesktop pluginPatrick Niklaus1-376/+485
2008-02-16Updated icon for unknown pluginsPatrick Niklaus1-28/+175
2008-02-16Updated splash plugin iconPatrick Niklaus1-185/+114
2008-02-16New icon for annotate pluginPatrick Niklaus1-379/+72
2008-02-16New icon for glib pluginPatrick Niklaus1-299/+53
2008-02-16New icon for snap pluginPatrick Niklaus1-675/+262
2008-02-16New icon for wall pluginPatrick Niklaus1-417/+118
2008-02-16Updated category icon for uncategorized pluginsPatrick Niklaus2-52/+331
2008-01-25Moved fisheye plugin icon to magPatrick Niklaus1-0/+0
2008-01-18Added icon for fisheye pluginPatrick Niklaus1-0/+508