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@@ -38,16 +38,19 @@ TODO:
* Work on kberylsettings the PyQT settings manager in branches.
-* Add a timeout handler to Opacify to not trigger the effect immediately. Look at beryl-plugins/src/plane.c for a example of the CompTimeoutHandle functionality, pretty simple, void * closure is passed to the callback. Make this configurable
* Add CompOptionFont to settings
* Look for functions that can be inlined. use __attribute__((always_inline)) to force the inline even without -finline-functions
* Look at using LIKELY/UNLIKELY macros for if/else statements in tight loops with a high discrimination towards one or the other. Profile to find such areas, premature optimization is bad.
* Participate in discussion and planning on IRC, it's invaluable. Make yourself a part of the beryl development community rather than a lone wolf.
+* Take lengthy discussions on the mailinglist.
+* Add more code documentation in Documentation/ about interfaces used by Beryl.
+* Look in Documentation/TODO-Multiscreen for multiscreen bugs to fix during 0.3.x
* Add more stuff here!